Are We Satisfied With Millennial Men?

My boyfriend hates seeing any text, that begins with, “look here”, because he knows I’m about to inform him about something he has done to upset me. The crazy thing is after I tell him the problem, I never really give him the opportunity to come up with a solution. I always rush to solve the problem, and move on, but I am starting to think that is a problem.

I posted a picture of a thought provoking scenario,“ A guy takes you out on a first date, and his card is declined. What do you do?”. The majority of women said, pay the bill and leave the man. Honestly, I would probably do the same, just in my nature to quickly resolve an embarrassing moment and flee the scene. Although, one woman stood out with her opposing views of the situation, she felt you should leave the man and the bill, to make him figure his way out. She spoke with so much passion, to the point her words had me reevaluating my past actions regarding men. “He can not assume the woman has money to clean the mess up.”; those words really hit home for me. Not necessarily money, but replace money with time, consideration, or patience, and it is crazy the amount of times men has assumed I’ll take care of the problem. 

We are definitely in a new age of men, who don’t live up to the classic definition of a man. From my point of view, too many “men” are satisfied watching their women solve their problems. It doesn’t only apply in a romantic relationship, but any type of relationship between a man and a woman. 

Maybe our generation is going through growing pains, and it’s time to have an open conversation, and possibly innovate our definition of what being a man is. We are millennials, and every other generation seems to hate us; so let’s make sure we love and treat each other correctly!

10 thoughts on “Are We Satisfied With Millennial Men?

  1. Hi!
    I like this post hehehe being on the verge a ‘millennial’ myself! I’m not really sure if it is a men or even a relationship problem as I equally can say the same about my wife – just to have a quick fix to the problem.

    Isn’t it that it’s more of a trust problem? Whether if you trust the other that s/he takes appropriate action to overcome something? I can imagine if there is a lack of trust that the thought automatically can be like ‘fck it, I’ll just do it myself’. But, if there is trust, then it’s more like, hehe now it’s your problem, solve it!

    But yes, when you take it to a society level then I agree, it’s a men dominated world. In each power relation there is the dominant and the ‘submissive’ (if I can call it like that) who unfortunately tend to be women….

    Luckily not all men are born being the same though!


  2. This is not a behavior of millennials only, I talk from experience some men lately they never want to take a role of man in many ways not only to pay for something. Very interesting post.

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  3. I believe all women deal with this! Men & women communicate differently. When you find what works for your relationship, it makes it so much easier! It takes time though.

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  4. True! Make sure we treat each other correctly! It’s required to live peacefully and to make earth a wonderful place for living! 👌 😃

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