Flying Classy

I haven’t written post in a while, and I think it is time to share a story. I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and feel extremely blessed for all of my opportunities. I was blessed enough to travel to England first class, keep in mind I am a broke college student.

Unfortunately for me, I am very stubborn and a know it all; I don’t really ask or want help. I like to do things on my own and if I fail, the worst that could happen is a hard lesson learned.

Although, both of my parents have traveled internationally, never did it occur to me to ask for help or advice on how to pack and what to bring. I end up over stuffing a giant suitcase, duffle bag, and my purse. I soon realized that wasn’t the best idea, while I was struggling and realizing I’m stuck with just this luggage for the rest of my trips, while I’m overseas.

I managed to smile my way with a positive attitude, to get help or get my luggage checked into the plane for free. All until Orlando, Florida, where they expected me to pay $120 to get my belongings flown across to England. I wasn’t really feeling that program. I begin trying to negotiate a price, like I’m at a flea market.

The entire time I kept a smile on my face and was very respectful with very positive energy. We end up coming to a mutual agreement on a price, and he even bumped my ticket up to first class. I’m sure he was more than ready to get me out of his face, but I came out the winner in the end.

I always try to have positive energy, when I interact with people, and now find it especially true while traveling. Most people are already frustrated and in a bad mood, so being a breath of fresh air, can change your entire traveling experience.

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