Diary Of A Problematic Brown Skin Girl

I absolutely love my complexion and all the imperfections of my skin. For years, my problematic skin was one of my biggest insecurities. Never wanting to leave the house without any type of makeup, afraid to reveal all of my blemishes.

It wasn’t until one hot summer day, that I was sick of feeling like a slave to makeup. Plus, it was too hot to really have any on and felt like the powder was melting off of my face.  That day it all clicked for me, and I realized my mindset was the real problem. Instead of pounding layers of makeup on my face, to hide the breakout for the day, why not work harder to actually clear up my skin.

My mother was willing to do anything to help with my quest for easy breezy beautiful skin, but I always wanted a quick magical solution, and never really did my part to make my skin better. I was inconsistent with cleansing my face and also my diet was terrible. I love chocolate and Pepsi, which is terrible for my skin. On top of that I was rarely drinking water and consumed a lot of greasy food, so internally and externally I wasn’t doing anything to take care of my skin, but doing quick cover ups, that in long run was making my skin worst.

I realized it was time to make a change and take better care of my skin and body as whole. I completely switched up my diet and mindset. I started following a skin care routine and watching what I put into my body. Within three months, I noticed a complete difference in my skin and the types of breakouts I was receiving. I have extremely oily skin, and have accepted, I‘m prone to acne and will probably have breakouts for the rest of my life. I just learned how to keep them under control.

My skin is far from perfect, but I am in love with it, and embrace my imperfect beautiful brown skin.


  1. This a remarkable step in the right direction, do you know that most people never get to this point of self acceptance. Keep it up, it will lead to greater things, I loved your conclusion “My skin is far from perfect, but I am in love with it, and embrace my imperfect beautiful brown skin.” Inspire others!

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  2. I have vitiligo and although I’m Caucasian, I’m tan and the white spots stick out. But I’ve just accepted it and have to be optimistic that people will accept me. Thank goodness for make up. It helps.

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  3. Self-love is so hard. I remember growing up and hating being dark-skinned. I would avoid going outside or would wear clothes to cover my skin so I wouldn’t become darker. Now I embrace my melanin and when people make comments about my skin I don’t let it effect me. Thanks for sharing!

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