Princess in the Trap House

My first semester living on my own off-campus was an unforgettable adventure. During the search for housing, I wasn’t too picky because I was aware it was only going to be for a semester, and like most things my mindset was “what’s the worst thing that can happen”.

I moved to a not so desirable neighborhood. If you walk a few blocks forward you were by Johns Hopkins University, but if you walk a few blocks back, you were in the hood. My street was filled with vacant and boarded up homes, but I saw the potential of the neighborhood. 

My housemates, definitely added to the adventure of my already exciting setting. It was a four-level home with about 6 bedrooms, and I had about 8 housemates. In the basement lived a couple with a giant mean dog! The woman was in her late 40s, while the man was about 25 years old, and they argued every day all day! Upstairs initially seemed a little calmer, but I soon met the rest of my housemates. A young pregnant woman and her mother lived in one room. They had a revolving door of drama, disrespectful house guest, and sticky fingers. Next door to them was an aspiring boxer, who owned these 2 kittens, who I absolutely fell in love with. He was always nice and respectful; plus pretty much let me play with the cats whenever I wanted. The room directly below me, that was my favorite housemate, and we actually became good friends. He was the landlord’s son and was a recent grad. We both shared an amazing sense of style and had the same mindset when it came to life.

As for me, I lived on the very top floor and considered myself a princess trapped amongst the ratchets. For the most part, I barely interacted with my houseguest, because I was always either on-campus or just stayed up in my room. I would hear all the chaos going on below me and knew to just mind my business. Even though I would never put myself in that situation again, I do have a lot of fond memories.


  1. Wow! This was one captivating post. So many adventures. This one, “the woman was in her late 40s, while the man was about 25 years old, and they argued every day all day” totally made me laugh.


  2. That’s quite the adventure. I had a situation in college where I barely spoke to my roommate. Years later and continents apart, we are friends and still keep in touch.

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  3. Did you all share a kitchen because if so I couldnt do it! I remember when I got my first off campus apartment it was actually not too bad but it was just me and one other person. Made me feel really grown up!

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  4. Wow I don’t think I’ve ever lived with that many people at once! Sounds like it was definitely interesting and I’m sure you have TONS of great stories from the experience.

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