Fire Sisters

Most relationship posts discuss a failed love, missed opportunity, or lousy timing with some man. I have several other successful and prospering relationships, not romantic but just as unique. This one, in particular, is going on four years strong, and each day we become closer; with my freshmen-year roommate.

Initially, it was just an amicable roommate relationship, but second semester something changed. We both were experiencing so much for the first time together, and we helped each other grow along the way. We became actual friends that blossomed into besties.
We have two very different strong personalities with different backgrounds, but our differences brought out something extraordinary in one another. Once we genuinely got to know each other, we realized we had the most essential things in common; mutual respect and a desire to be successful.

This woman is beyond dependable and always right there when I need her. She has a solid exterior shell and firmly believes in tough love. We share a mutual mentality that no woman is left behind! Throughout our friendship, we’ve been through some crazy trials and tribulations, individually and together. Each test brings us closer, and we are no longer just friends; she’s my sister. We may not always agree with each other’s choices and how we handle situations. Still, we are always there to support and help one another to be the best versions of ourselves. Most importantly, we gladly give one another a nice kick in the ass to keep moving forward until we set this world on fire with our names in the ashes.


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