Born Feminist​

As a little girl, I always identified as female before anything else. Above all of my other characteristics, religion, and ethnicity, I knew being a woman was my superpower. I don’t recall when I realized I was a feminist, but I believe I was born one.

When I started attending public school and would share my strong feminist views, people assumed it was because I was Muslim and came from an oppressive home. Honestly, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. My father has always made me feel like the most powerful and brilliant person to walk this earth.

What made me a feminist was viewing television, reading books, and any other media outlet, that sent me a subtle message that I am not equal to a man. What made me a feminist is learning history and realizing every society has underestimated or belittled women’s strength and intelligence. What continues to make me a feminist is a young woman. Society constantly tells me my number one value is my physical appearance. No matter how hard I strive for “perfection,” I will never be enough.

Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or culture, almost every woman at some point in their life had a man belittle, disrespect, take advantage of, mentally or physically abuse them. That’s why Women’s Rights and Women’s History Month will always have a number 1 spot in my heart. I constantly see women’s accomplishments being overlooked or belittled. Still, in reality, especially for women of color, we have double or triple the number of obstacles any man will ever face.

I’m a powerful Young, Black, and Muslim Woman, and no matter how many obstacles life throws at me, I’ll always get back up wiser, but I no longer feel the need to be strong.



  1. We have many greats who’ve carved their own lane and weren’t overlooked but revered. Alice Walker’s In Search Of Our Mother’s Gardens may be a great book if you’re interested in a related read or haven’t already.

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  2. The part where you mention that being female demands having physical perfection 24/7 really speaks to me on a personal level. For that very reason I have started my own research on female objectification in advertising because it disturbs me so greatly. Being a Muslim myself i have realized that the covering prescribed for women by our religion is already pro-woman because we choose NOT to exhibit ourselves. Thank you for this wonderful post and keep writing 🙂

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