Happy First Blogiversary

I never thought I would start a blog, let alone fall involved with being a blogger. I started this journey initially, not expecting anyone to read or care about what I had to say. I thought only my friends and family would occasionally read to be supportive. Still, it’ll just be some online diary I rarely tend to. As a pleasant surprise, that isn’t the case.

The goal of my blog is to share a different perspective of being a young, Black, and Muslim woman. Express how there’s no standard experience; regardless of my appearance, I am equally Black and Muslim. Through each post, writing out my experiences, I’m discovering my voice and realizing my words and opinions matter.

Today marks the first anniversary of The Misunderstood Afro Muslimah, and I couldn’t be prouder of my blog! I’m so honored and grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts. Thank you to all my followers and readers; y’all have left some wonderful, thoughtful, and heart-filled comments throughout the year. I’ve received emails from people sharing similar experiences or continuing the conversation past my initial article. I’ve had the privilege to speak on a panel in London about my post, Diary of a Problematic Brown Skin Girl. That was indeed out of my element, but one of the highlights of my blogging experience. Also, as a novice blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest blogger and collaborate on other bloggers’ websites.

This has been an incredible year, and so excited about the future endeavors of me and my blog! Thank you again to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey!!


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