Just As I Am

For most of my life, I have been obsessed with my weight! I’ve been too skinny or fat, but I never looked in the mirror and was happy with what I saw. Besides my obvious insecurity about my skin, which I speak about in “Diary of a Problematic Brown Skin Girl,” I also have body image issues. I am exhausted from constantly feeling like I’m not good enough.

I’m always seeking a new body, either a past size or a future desire. I can’t remember looking at a picture of myself and feeling satisfied. Well, I’m officially exhausted from not feeling like enough. I’m done trying new diets to obtain a different body because, at the end of the day, who am I trying to please? I say it is for me, but if I am honest with myself, it’s for outside approval that will never be granted.

As much as I wish I could erase this toxic mindset I’ve developed over the years, it’s not easy. I use daily body-positive affirmations. I replace all my critiques with compliments while I stare at the mirror, examining  my body rather than focusing on my flaws. It takes time and work to truly love oneself.

Hopefully, this time next year, I will truly feel the confidence I fake in public. In the meantime, I will enjoy all my meals and focus on happiness.


  1. You hit the nail on the head, a toxic mindset. As women, we go through the struggles and the battles. I’ve learned to love myself in spite of. I’ve also learned that a healthy life and weight will keep me alive. No matter what your weight, as long as you are healthy within the guidelines, that’s all that matters. Love yourself girl and be proud of who you are. No need to be fake for anyone.

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  2. This was a good post. So many women suffer through this. It’s a shame that we do grow into this mindset of negativity about our bodies and not the other way around. You will make the changes when you’re tired, and ready.

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    1. I am in this exact situation right now. I’ve never been happy with my weight, even at my smallest. I’ve tried to lose weight many times but I wasn’t doing it for myself, I was doing it to make someone else happy and it never worked. But this year I’ve decided to love myself the way I am and my confidence is slowly coming back.

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  3. Take it one day at a time… We all want new bodies… We have to love to learn the skin that we are in. I start fresh every day. I just simply try to eat better and drink more water, take more steps… and start over tomorrow.

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  4. We all want new bodies… I want my body from 1997.. IJS Each day is a new day… I just try to get through one day and start over each day… eat better, drink more water and walk…

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  5. Ooh honey, this hit home. I recently started going to therapy and began the journey disclosing my depression and eating disorder. Just take it one day at a time, some days as you know will be more problematic than others. Just constantly seek a highlight ❤

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  6. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I didn’t gain my true confidence when I truly started loving myself.

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  7. I love that you’re honest with yourself. Girl, the best thing you can do is what you’re already doing — replace your critiques with compliments. Know that even when you don’t feel like it, someone’s admiring you. The real you, despot your size. You are not your size you’re a beautiful butterfly. 🦋

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  8. What we focus on is what grows. If you focus on the negative that is what your are nurturing. Instead you need to affirm yourself with affirmations. “I am beautiful. I am happy, healthy, and I love my body.” Change your mind and the rest will follow. You got this!

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  9. Loving oneself is a journey, but it takes a step and a decision to begin that journey. Kudos to you, for choosing to love yourself as you are.

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  10. Self talk can be destructive. If we overheard someone saying the some of the terrible things we say about ourselves, we would be ready to fight. Constant positive affirmations

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