My First Love Story: Prom Date pt.1

I never talk about any of my love life adventures in high school, but here is a story about my prom date. During my junior year, I developed a crush on a guy in my history class. We were actually friends, but all of a sudden my friend became attractive to me.

I became so shy and awkward around him, eventually, my nerves calmed down and, I was able to start having real conversations with him again. History was my least important class, and we had a long term sub, so I took that opportunity to catch up on sleep. He would always wake me up to complete my work, or if he felt there was something important that I should pay attention to. Rarely do I remember any learning happening, but we definitely had a lot of laughs during that period. I kept my crush a secret and thought it would eventually fade.

The next school year came around, my senior year of high school, and it seemed like the crush got deeper. By that October, my big mouth best friend let it get back to him that I liked him, and unfortunately, the feelings were not mutual. For some reason, my stubborn mind would not let me get over him. I would always find the dumbest reasons to bump into him at his locker and excuses to talk to him. I realized he may never like me more than a friend, but I at least wanted to go to prom together. I knew the only way that was going to happen is if I asked him.

I was beyond anxious and scared to follow through with asking him to prom. My two guy best friends gave me a mini pep talk and then literally pushed me into him. I remember my awkward smile and stalling with random BS small talk before I finally asked, “Do you want to go to prom with me?” In his typical fashion, he didn’t directly answer the question. He simply said, “What color are we wearing?”. That simple question made my week!

Now prom planning was interesting, he was a diva and had an opinion on everything. All of those things made me like him more, but I never vocalized it to him. My senior year seemed to zoom past before I knew it, it was prom. He was the perfect prom date, and have zero regrets about going to prom with him. I just wanted to tell him how I truly felt before we graduated, which did not happen.

Graduation night, my big mouth bestie sent him a text from my phone saying that I like him. In summary, he expressed the feelings aren’t mutual, but we made a promise no matter what happens we will always be friends.
That was the final push I needed to get over him; I was determined not to enter college with a crush on him. I did successfully get over him until he popped back up in my life.

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