Officially A Quarter

I have officially concluded another journey around the sun; what an adventure it has been. I entered chapter twenty-four, a completely different woman than who’s stepping into twenty-five. The year has been an emotional rollercoaster that I’m ultimately grateful for.

In addition to a global pandemic, a civil rights movement, and losing loved ones, chapter twenty-four did not hold back. At the beginning of the chapter, I got heartbroken; instead of healing myself, I tried to resurrect the relationship, which ultimately caused me more pain. But so much joy has come from this past year as well. I’ve finally found and fell in love with myself. I have accepted all of me, the beautiful, brilliant, shady, petty, loyal, walking awkward storm; that will leave her mark on the world one day.

Not only did I improve my relationship with myself, but also with the people closest to me. Even though it was a global pandemic, I couldn’t feel any closer to my support system. I’m finally learning to lean on people when I feel low or overwhelmed. Still struggling with setting up boundaries, but grateful for everyone who’s continued to be there for me. I love you all to the moon and back! On the flip side, I’ve finally said fuck off to everyone who doesn’t bring me joy and doesn’t have my best interest at heart.

Now for chapter twenty-five, I’m entering the year healthy, happy, and in a place of peace, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. I feel so adored and blessed! With this new flame entering the chapter, my pettiness has been reignited. It’s time to stop trying to have a spotless reputation and get a little revenge, correction justice.


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