My First Love Story pt.2: Something Blooming

As I said before, my goal was to be over him by the time I started college, and I did. I was taken aback when my freshman year roommate happened to be his best friend, like a weird cosmic joke.
After my roommate introduced herself to me, I proceeded to text him to find out the tea on this girl. Of course, he had nothing but kind words to say about her and wished me luck in the fall semester. We did not speak most of the semester, not until about the beginning of December. He texts me to ask if I was excited about our birthdays; we are born one day apart; he loved to point out how he is day older. After that, we stopped talking for a while, and I was really over him and only viewed him as a friend finally!
That spring, we started texting nonstop. We talked all day, every day, and slowly my feelings began to return, but this time it was a mutual thing. He started to open up and confide in me and little did I know, I was falling in love. By that summer, he decided to drop out of school and join the military. I tried to talk him out of it initially, but that man is stubborn; I knew my efforts were pointless. So, I supported his new dream and helped him figure out which branch to join. The benefit of being a daughter of a marine, I was well informed about the military. I convinced him to join the Air Force;  let him speak to my father about his experience.
Before I knew it, we really became each other’s support system. As much as I was supporting and cheering him on, he was doing the exact same for me. I spent the summer interning with the Coast Guard, and at times I felt very overwhelmed, just wanting to come home. He would give me amazing pep talks, reminding me of how my strength and brilliance. If it was not for some of those talks, I would not have made it that summer. 
I gained a new best friend and best friend; you could not tell me this wasn’t the beginning of an epic love story. It definitely turned out to be an adventure. 

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