Third Year’s The Charm

Better late than never, and I’m diving back into my blog! My blogiversary was last month, and she is officially three years old! I’m truly grateful and amazed at all my readers, subscribers, and kind words I have received. My goal for this year is to get up to at least 3000 followers and become more consistent with publishing my post!

This year I plan to make my blog an open diary into my faith, mental health, and wild shenanigans. I want to truly dive into why I am the Misunderstood Afro Muslimah. I’m on a journey of accepting myself and my past and genuinely feeling comfortable in my skin, and I would love for that to translate through the words in my blog.

Third-year is the charm, and I’m excited to see where my words will take me! Thank you to everyone who continues to read and support my blog!

I have decided to create merchandise, so please check out that tab!

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