Inhale Anxiety, Exhale Relief

After a long hiatus, I’m finally back and feeling great! Before my break, I attempted to write a blog post about dealing with anxiety. Unfortunately, at that point, my anxiety and depression started to rise. I could not complete a task, my insomnia/nightmares were insane, and I had to take a step back.

I had to reevaluate the tools I was using for my mental health and obviously needed to change. I was leading down a rabbit hole back into a depression. I had to have an honest and blunt conversation with my therapist, which led me to leave my comfort zone. Now, these are some of the tools I’ve used to actually help me feel the healthiest and happiest I’ve felt in a very long time.

First, I started being very transparent with my therapist and actively doing things that felt uncomfortable. I was used to holding in my negative emotions, with the mindset to bottle it up. I had to push myself to be more vulnerable with my friends and family and let my guards down. That helped tremendously! I felt closer to my loved ones and the weight lifted off my shoulders. It gave me a push to continue fighting for my own life.

I began saying daily affirmations, which were extremely uncomfortable and uneasy at first. I stuck with it; to the point, I now use them to help soothe me when I am feeling anxious or wake up from a nightmare. I had to change my entire fitness and nutrition lifestyle. I had to change my intentions when it came to everything fitness. The goal should have always been to be nourished, fuel, and just love me! I realized the diets and insane workout programs were forms of self-punishment.

In short, dealing with my anxiety, I had to boost my self-esteem and learn to truly love and trust myself properly. I am actively still building the confidence to trust I have the tools, resources, and fight to make all my dreams come true and overcome all of the shit life continues to throw at me.

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