I Made A New Friend

Life has a crazy way of making full-circle moments. I have spent so many years resenting a group of people based on being bullied as a child. During my years in Quranic school, I was ridiculed and belittled by my Somalian classmates for being black American. As an adult, I stay clear of anything that triggers that memory. Those formative years left a scar on me; I have purposely been slow in healing.

But I have been saying for years I want more Muslimah friends. Each year when an Islamic holiday rolls around, I am reminded I don’t have any. For the most part, my male Muslim friends have some type of romantic interest in me, which isn’t a genuine friendship in my eyes.

My best friend started hanging out with this Somalian Muslimah and would slightly mention her to me now and then. I would typically roll my eyes whenever she got started saying how cool she was and thought we would click. I’m pretty stubborn and guarded, so I was never open to the idea of meeting her. It just so happened during that period my bestie was preparing to move across the country. During her going away party, I knew meeting the new Muslimah in her life was inevitable.

I’m a very chill person and promised my bestie I would give her new Muslimah friend a chance. A promise I am grateful to have kept. We have the same vibe and views when it comes to practicing Islam. The only difference is she’s a hijabi, but we did click. We exchanged numbers and have kept in contact since the party.

I can’t wait to share the adventures of this new blooming friendship. I feel like a wound is healing and truly enjoying filling this part of my life I knew was missing. This year I’m committed to healing while building and maintaining healthy relationships.


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