New Year, Better Me.

I am never excited for the new year, but this year felt different. I set and wrote out all of my goals in places where they’re constant reminders. This year is for me to blossom healthier in every aspect of my life. I wanted to start the year off on a fresh note and do a deep cleanse for January. I marked it in three categories: socially, mentally, and physically.

Socially I started with all of my social media accounts. I unfollowed, blocked, muted, and unfriended anything and anyone that did not bring me joy. I also audited my relationships and only kept equally yoked ones. I am done giving away more than I receive!

The mental cleanse was a bit difficult. I started the month so strong! Saying affirmations daily, doing mindfulness exercises, and overall practicing self-love. Then I received some devastating news; that I couldn’t just bounce back from. I definitely did not want to do anything to numb my emotions. I successfully stuck to it, but I don’t feel mentally cleansed; I feel really drained and still trying to figure out how to process the news. For now, I have a giant bandaid on it and will tackle it at a later date.

Physically my main objective was to love my body unconditionally. I did not set weight or physical appearance goals. The only goal was to feel like I could take over the world. I wanted to start the year off on a vegetarian diet and incorporate exercise into my daily habit.
I wanted to become more consistent with taking my vitamins and even started adding chlorophyll to my tea! I want to create habits that will last for a lifetime! Even though January is over and back to eating meat.

I am proud to say I met every single one of my goals! Despite all the shit and temptations, I never gave up on myself! I have found a new love and appreciation for myself. I initially wanted to do this with my boyfriend, but he flaked on me. At first, I was disappointed, but now I am grateful because I did this shit for just me! With all of the temptations, I dug deep found willpower and self-control to complete the cleanse.

I kept repeating to myself, “do something today that your future self will be grateful for”; and I am beyond grateful for all of the steps I took. The beautiful part is this is just the beginning because the year is mine!

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