The Misunderstood Afro Muslimah: The Movie Critic

Hey, y’all! I am so excited to announce that my opinions are no longer unsolicited. In September, I accepted a fantastic opportunity to work with Sony Pictures to attend movie pre-screenings and write reviews.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the prescreening of Devotion. A movie highlighting the incredible life of Jesse Brown, the first African American Naval fighter pilot, and his heroic work in the Korean War; stay tuned for the review.

I was beyond excited when I learned Devotion would be my first movie to cover. Not only did I plan to see the film, but I also felt a deep connection to the movie. My grandfather served in the US Army and fought in the Korean War. I grew up listening to my mother recount stories her father shared about his time in the Army. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away when my mother was a child, and I never met him.

Nevertheless, I have always felt his presence in my life. I always say my heart belongs in Texas; I was meant to be a Southern Bell because of my grandfather. Insha’Allah, in the hereafter, I will have the pleasure of hearing the stories firsthand.

I am a military junkie and specifically the US Marine Corps and Navy! If that wasn’t enough of a connection for y’all, I was raised by a Marine, and I’m the definition of a daddy’s girl! I still love hearing all of my dad’s military stories, even though I’m sure I know them all by heart at this point. Most importantly, I never miss a military movie! I don’t know when the military bug hit me, but once it did, it never let go.

I am beyond excited to step into this next chapter of blogging! Actually, an array of different emotions, but overwhelmingly enthusiastic, grateful, and humbled that I created this platform to express myself as a therapeutic release. Now I’m watching my words develop opportunities I never thought possible.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who reads, shares, and supports my blog! Let’s continue being unapologetically misunderstood!

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