The year 2022 has been a year of growth. For years I have been trying to discover myself underneath the smile I hide behind. I have mastered being a chameleon but failed at being authentically me. Still, there has been a significant change in my mindset. I now know, trust, and love who I am. I am The Misunderstood Afro-Muslimah.

I set out this year to pour into myself and realized this is a lifestyle! So moving forward, here are some lessons that are now a part of my new lifestyle:

  1. The way you present yourself to the world matters. Carry yourself the way you want to be treated.
  2. Do not place anyone’s comfort or emotions above your own. 
  3. If you do things with pure intentions, there’s no need to overthink.
  4. Do not let doubt stop you from reaching your true potential. 
  5. Life isn’t getting easier; you have to get smarter. 

This past year has brought me some lows but equally as many high moments. I closed the door on some old friendships, healed past wounds, and forgave past betrayals. At the same time, I was igniting dormant flames, strengthening loyal bonds, and falling in love with myself. 

I am leaving 2022 feeling grateful and excited for what 2023 will bring!


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