Truly,Grateful. Al- Humduillah

I am starting this year off with a gratitude post. I have purified my air, and beyond grateful for my support system!

My family is truly my biggest cheerleader since day ONE! It has been a rocky road on my healing journey, but each of them, in their own way, has stepped up and made themselves uncomfortable to help support me on my journey. I have not always made it easy for them, but I’m eternally grateful for their love and support. I’m going to focus on my parents for now.

In Islam, how you treat your mother determines your placement in the hereafter. As I grow older and mature, I understand that more and more. My mom has made a lot of sacrifices on my behalf, way more than I’ll ever know! I look just like my mother, but more than that, I got my fire and passion from her. Her name is Katrina, like the hurricane, and I couldn’t be prouder to come from such a powerful woman. I hope one day I can genuinely repay her for all she has given me. My mom is one of my best friends and my biggest inspiration to always get right back up when I fall. Maybe a little stumble when life gets hard, but she always gets back more vital than ever. In my eyes, my mom has never failed.

My dad has always been my biggest cheerleader and supports all my crazy shenanigans. He raised me to be strong and not to accept any BS the world may throw my way, simultaneously giving me the soft girl life. Now, I’m the definition of a daddy’s girl! I know the trend is to be a black queen, but I LOVE being a princess. A delicate little flower that can kick ass if need be. Just how my father raised me to be.

Together my parents raised me to be the best of myself and to have the confidence to fall down because they are always there to catch me! I love my parents and can see both of them in me.

I am truly grateful and blessed, Al-Humduillah.

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