A Partying Muslimah

Okay, y’all, back with another one of my shenanigans. So in my early 20s, I was a party girl! I was out here in skimpy clothes at clubs and house parties! Truthfully, I barely enjoyed it, but it was the thing to do, and I wanted to experience it. But let me tell y’all how it all began.

During my freshman year in college, I became friends with this supposedly sweet girl in my history class. She matched my vibe and was down to earth. She always invited me to hang out with her, but I always flacked. One day I reluctantly said yes to going to a frat party with her, and of course, I dragged my roomie along.

Let me say the first time leaving the house half-naked was a culture shock! I was beyond unprepared for what I was getting myself into! At that time, all my clothes were wholesome; I didn’t own “party” clothes. My new friend disapproved of my apparel! She let me borrow one of her dresses and kept saying, “YOU NEED TO SHOW MORE SKIN.” I was stepping out of my comfort zone and gave it a shot.

We arrived at the party, and there were people everywhere! It was so crowded, hot, and musty! I wanted to retreat, but, like I always say, “what’s the worst that could happen.” So, I stayed and partied, lol.

I have zero rhythms and am super shy, so I don’t dance in public! My version of partying was sitting pretty and talking shit, lol! That’s precisely what I did until I was forced to get up and move my body. It was like the jungle, with everyone pushing, shoving, and grabbing each other. I hated that aspect of the party, but at the time, I unlocked a forbidden level of life. Even though I can’t say I enjoyed the setting, I enjoyed the thrill of it all. Again, I was raised never to think or step foot in that environment, but I was living it and wanted to see the hype.

My new friend introduced me to a different world, the partying world. Don’t worry; I plan to share my crazy partying shenanigans!

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