Fire Sisters

Most of my relationship posts tend to be about a failed love, missed opportunity, or just bad timing with some man. I do have several other successful and prospering relationships, not romantic, but just as special. This one, in particular, is going on four years strong, and each day we become closer; with my freshmen … More Fire Sisters


Looking back on all of my relationships, I’ve discovered a pattern about myself. I’m extremely private and guarded. I don’t allow most people to see my complete unfiltered self. I let people see as much as I want or trust them to see. I feel like all of my relationships are here for a reason, … More Fear


I am an extremely guarded and private person. It takes me a while to warm up and trust people, but when I do I love them for life. I truly consider all of my friend’s family and would do anything for them. Something I consider to be a curse and a blessing it is hard … More Sorrow