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Our Story: First Kiss

Our story continued after the summer and into the following semester. We occasionally texted each other, but it was more of a rare occasion. It wasn’t until the second semester that our friendship really started to blossom. 

We started to talk almost every day, which eventually led to every day. He would always try to make plans but I  would either cancel or just simply deny. I was really mean to him and kind of treated him like a pesky bug, but I always responded and did overall enjoy all of our conversations.

He would always ask to come over to my apartment, and I faithfully declined his request. This one night my roommates, who were also my closest friends were going out to some party or a mutual friend’s place, but I decided to stay home that night. Most likely because I didn’t feel like wearing makeup or getting cute. Of course, he and I were texting, and he asked to come over. I don’t know what was going on with my head, but I said yes. Honestly, I think we were both equally surprised.

Hanging out with him was always so easy, I never felt self-conscious or overthinking, but I just enjoyed his annoying company, and that night was no different. We had our normal random conversations, made jokes about each other, and then decided to watch a movie. He waited patiently as I took forever scrolling to find a movie we should watch, but eventually, he just made the decision.

At some point during the night, he felt that I was giving him signals to kiss me. According to him, which was recently revealed to me, I kept reapplying chapstick and that was the signal. He took me way off guard and I was not expecting him to kiss me. I, unfortunately, have a nervous laugh and then proceeded with my awkward smile.

My mind was racing and didn’t know exactly how to respond. I just knew I liked him but didn’t want anything romantic. I knew I couldn’t just stand there with an awkward smile and I had to say something. So, I  informed him, that we are just friends and kissing each other is not going to be a thing. I would love to read his mind and see how that night played out from his perspective.

Overall, after the awkward moment and me telling him the guidelines of how this is only going to be a platonic friendship; he respected my wishes and reluctantly agreed, but the best part was we went right back to our normal. We remained friends and allowing our story to continue blossom.