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Our Story: Movie Date

After the kiss, it was never mentioned again. We actually seemed to grow closer he was becoming my best friend. We talked every single day, either through text, video call, or both. 

The semester concluded and the transition to summer we talked, even more, I remember the time at home before we departed for our summer jobs/internship we were on the phone all the time and we’ve never run out of things to talk about. After we both started working for the summer, our communication did slow down, but still talked every day. 

We had a couple of bumpy roads of him trying to escape the friend zone, but for some reason, I always kept pushing him right back in. I didn’t want to turn our friendship into a romantic relationship and ruin us, because I knew I was a toxic mess at the time. 

The following semester, I moved completely off-campus into a trap house. During all the chaos and mess going around in my head and around me, he was one of the few constant good things. Like I’ve said in previous posts he would always invite me out places, and I’d decline. Except for this one time, I thought it’s time for me to be a better friend to him since he was my bestie after all. I agreed to go see “It” with him, keep in mind I’m terrified of clowns. 

He comes to pick me up and go get some tacos before the movie, I absolutely love tacos and Mexican food! Everything is going perfectly, our normal good time together. When we are in the theatre, I’m freezing. One of my biggest downfalls in life is that I’m stubborn and prideful. So, not only was I scared, but also freezing. Something in me just refused to ask for his jacket or even to tell him I was cold. 

After the movie was over, he was making jokes about me being afraid, it’s one of our favorite past times to make fun of one another, but somehow I admitted that I was also cold as well. He just looked at me and shook his head, and said “you’re one stubborn bunny”, and from there the nickname bunny started to bloom. I’m sure he’s called me bunny in the past, but that time it really stuck in my mind. I feel like the movie date was the beginning of a new chapter in our relationship.

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Princess in the Trap House pt. 4

You know living in the trap house had many difficulties, that I didn’t mind so much. Up until I heard a mouse in my room. I’m terrified of bugs and have a fear of mice.

I remember hearing the bickering couple in the basement complain about mice, but I’ve never seen any and assumed I wouldn’t because the boxer’s kittens spent the majority of the time in my room. The boxer eventually took his kittens away and gave them to his mother, leaving my room vulnerable for an attack. 

One day as I was laying on my bed, I heard little chewing on a wrapper and shortly after heard it run across my room. I quickly called my landlord, who said he’ll come by the next day to lay traps. But I needed an immediate solution because I was terrified at thought of sharing my room with a mouse for the night. So, I called my brother to come and help me catch the mouse or place traps down or something, but of course, he was useless and refused to come and help. 

So, I called my friend, the same guy from the “Our Story” series, to come over and mouse hunt with me. While I waited for his arrival, I stayed on my bed terrified and watched a movie to distract myself, but that was useless. That little mouse was having a field day in my room! I saw it running back and forth, climbing on my close, and trying to get in my trunk where I locked up all my snacks. My friend eventually arrived and basically laughed and made fun of me for a bit, before he decided to be useful. After he moved a couple of things around and I realized I wasn’t made for the mouse hunting lifestyle, I decided it may be best for me to wait downstairs. 

When I returned back upstairs, he tore my room apart looking for the mouse! I felt like I was in an episode of Tom and Jerry, and was being outsmarted by a rodent. The mouse must have left my room and went to another place in the house, but I didn’t want to stay in my room alone. My friend agreed to stay with me, but he really just made jokes the whole night and called me a giant baby for being scared of a mouse.

Luckily I had about a month left living in the trap house and all of these horrors will soon be over. Unfortunately, it looked like the mouse wasn’t going anywhere, and it was time for to get over this fear. So, I ended up naming the mouse Nibbles and plotted his doom every day until I moved out. Luckily, I’m officially no longer scared of mice but hope never to share a room with another mouse again.

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Our Story: First Kiss

Our story continued after the summer and into the following semester. We occasionally texted each other, but it was more of a rare occasion. It wasn’t until the second semester that our friendship really started to blossom. 

We started to talk almost every day, which eventually led to every day. He would always try to make plans but I  would either cancel or just simply deny. I was really mean to him and kind of treated him like a pesky bug, but I always responded and did overall enjoy all of our conversations.

He would always ask to come over to my apartment, and I faithfully declined his request. This one night my roommates, who were also my closest friends were going out to some party or a mutual friend’s place, but I decided to stay home that night. Most likely because I didn’t feel like wearing makeup or getting cute. Of course, he and I were texting, and he asked to come over. I don’t know what was going on with my head, but I said yes. Honestly, I think we were both equally surprised.

Hanging out with him was always so easy, I never felt self-conscious or overthinking, but I just enjoyed his annoying company, and that night was no different. We had our normal random conversations, made jokes about each other, and then decided to watch a movie. He waited patiently as I took forever scrolling to find a movie we should watch, but eventually, he just made the decision.

At some point during the night, he felt that I was giving him signals to kiss me. According to him, which was recently revealed to me, I kept reapplying chapstick and that was the signal. He took me way off guard and I was not expecting him to kiss me. I, unfortunately, have a nervous laugh and then proceeded with my awkward smile.

My mind was racing and didn’t know exactly how to respond. I just knew I liked him but didn’t want anything romantic. I knew I couldn’t just stand there with an awkward smile and I had to say something. So, I  informed him, that we are just friends and kissing each other is not going to be a thing. I would love to read his mind and see how that night played out from his perspective.

Overall, after the awkward moment and me telling him the guidelines of how this is only going to be a platonic friendship; he respected my wishes and reluctantly agreed, but the best part was we went right back to our normal. We remained friends and allowing our story to continue blossom.