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Unapologetically Black

None of what is going on is new to me. I’ve been a black woman my entire life, and have always known the realities and the inherent burden that it brings. I’ve experienced racism, sexism, prejudices, and much more, just based on the fact I’m black, a woman, and Muslim. I’ve become numb to a lot of tragedy that faces my brothers and sisters, and the reality I’m not immune to any of it.

I use this blog as a light-hearted way of speaking about my experiences, but right now I’m at a loss for words. I’ve been waking up lately heartbroken and overwhelmed, it’s a daily decision to stay informed or to give my mind a break from all the news. There are currently a lot of long-overdue conversations, but it’s exhausting for us who’ve been having them all along.

Right now I’m seeking ways to be involved, make a difference, and let my voice be heard, but watching my people being murdered and then having to fight for their lives, my life to matter is traumatic! Being woke is exhausting and I just need to take care of myself to have the strength to continue this fight.

For this Juneteenth, I’m going to enjoy all the beauty and joy of being a brilliant, strong, and regal Black Muslimah. Celebrate my people and the strength I’ve inherited from my ancestors. At the end of the day, I’ll forever be proud and love being born a black woman.