Movie Review: Devotion

I am so excited to share my review! As ya’ll know, about two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a pre-screening of Sony Pictures’ new film Devotion! The movie is about the incredible legacy of Jesse Brown, the first African American Naval Aviator.

The movie was incredible, and I loved that the film did not just depict Jesse Brown’s life as an aviator. We also witnessed him as a husband, father, and friend; we truly understood the man behind the uniform. Jonathan Majors, who portrays Jesse Brown, truly brings him to life on the screen!

Daisy Brown (Christina Jackson) and Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors)

Throughout the movie, devotion is defined and illustrated, and we learn what it means to be devoted.

As we all know, America has a rich and fruitful racist history, and our military is no exception. I liked how the film depicts the reality of breaking the glass ceiling and being the first and only. In the movie, we see Jesse repeating racist remarks he was told throughout the years in the mirror. To serve as a reminder and fuel to stay devoted to his goals. Although the film does not show him throughout his training, he does recall and mentions it in the movie. He paints a picture of his experiences with his wingman Tom Hudner (played by Glen Powell). Through his recollection, a clear picture is painted; none of his peers and instructors wanted Jesse to succeed. Through perseverance and determination, Jesse Brown succeeded and became the best Naval Fighter Aviator, regardless of race.

Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors) and Tom Hudner (Glen Powell)

Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner were not only wingmen but created a friendship and bond that will last for generations. They both learned a lot from one another. Still, ultimately the most important lesson learned is what it meant to be devoted to another human being, in and out of uniform.

Jesse Brown is an American hero, and this film does justice and shines a bright light on his legacy. The official release date is November 23, 2022, and everyone needs to see this film! It is a modern movie about the Korean War. It depicts the heroic efforts of a black man devoted to serving his country. The film left me in tears, not solely out of sorrow but simultaneously out of pride, joy, and inspiration. Share in the comments how you felt after watching! I had the privilege to read some of the production notes, and I will leave my review with words from Jonathan Majors.

“The American dream is that you can pull yourself up from your bootstraps — but he didn’t just do that. He pulled himself up from his bootstraps and put himself in the sky. And he did it with a heart as big as the ocean, with devotion for his family, his country, and his self-worth. He aggressively went after things that seemed impossible. That’s the legacy of Jesse Brown.” – Jonathan Majors.

Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors)

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