Movie Review: Princess and The Frog

Hey, y’all! For those who don’t know, I’m a Disney adult! I love to rewatch all my childhood movies and shows while giving the new generation material a chance. I will share my opinions on the Disney princesses in honor of The Little Mermaid’s release. 

To kick things off, let me tell y’all about my girl Princess Tiana in Princess and the Frog. Now we all know it’s not right that the first Black Disney princess was a frog majority of the movie, but I still enjoyed it. It was a bittersweet bonus that she was a daddy’s girl, even though her father passed away, again another element not needed for the first Black Disney Princess. 

Princess Tiana displays the importance of having goals and a work ethic to match them. She is laser-focused on her restaurant and eliminates all distractions, such as a social and love life. One of my favorite songs throughout the movie is Almost There, symbolizing Tiana and her ambition! She is close to her goal and about to secure her restaurant when two white men sell her building because someone comes in with a higher bid at the last second. Leaving my girl, Tiana, distraught, that’s when she meets Prince Naveen. 

Prince Naveen is a smooth-talking frog who turns Tiana’s life upside down with one kiss. As they set off on their adventure, and Tiana starts to embrace the unknown, she realizes a life with only work and ambition is not truly living, as she gives her soon-to-be Prince a lesson of hard work and selfless ambition. I enjoyed how their love story ultimately balanced one another out and gave each other what the other lacked. They recused each other honestly, without realizing it, and I think that is my favorite part of their love story. 

I give Princess and the Frog an 8/10 because despite the film’s shortcomings, she is still one of my favorite Disney princesses, and I love her story! The soundtrack is 10/10, giving life lessons I incorporate into my life. I did format my love life and blog based on this movie; I’m still waiting to kiss my prince; I keep getting frogs.

Princess Tiana is my second overall Disney Princess, and I can’t wait for the live-action to come out!!!

Y’all wanna know who I think should be the cast of the live-action Princess and the Frog??

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