Looking back on all of my relationships, I’ve discovered a pattern about myself. I’m extremely private and guarded. I don’t allow most people to see my complete unfiltered self. I let people see as much as I want or trust them to see.

I feel like all of my relationships are here for a reason, and very few are universal. I put all of the people in my life in some type of category unconsciously. I love them all equally, but each person serves and a different purpose. 

Very few people know about all of the skeletons in my closet. I guess I am scared if people truly get to know the unguarded version of myself, they’ll leave. My secrets and walls are a way of protecting myself from getting hurt. I am actually terrified of letting people in and revealing any of the hidden parts. I’d rather just show a happy smile and hope no one asks what I’m hiding behind it. At this point in my life, I am unapologetically guarded!

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