Movie Review: The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, since the new live-action release is near, let me give my opinion of the original.

Princess Ariel is a mermaid who lives under the sea and is a victim of human pollution. The actual plot of the movie never made sense to me. Why would you aspire to be human when humans killed your mother? And probably many of your friends? Her fascination with the human world is wild based on things she found through pollution. You have so many warnings to stay away, but she gives up or ability to speak for legs!

I have seen videos of people trying to rationalize Ariel’s decision to trade in her voice for legs. Still, it will always be a no for me. She traded in her ability to speak, not to save anyone, but to be near an attractive man and explore the human world.

As for the movie, I enjoyed the music and a great sing-a-long! My favorite song is “Under the Sea,” my goto about to go to the beach song, lol. I feel like the real victim of the movie is Ursula.

I am excited to watch the live-action and see how they’ve updated the story. So, for now, Princess Ariel is my least favorite Disney Princess.

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