Movie Review:Cinderella

Before we dive into Cinderella, I’m speaking mainly about when Brandy was Cinderella.

The cast was great in that film, and I enjoyed their performances. But I’m just not a fan of Cinderella and the fairy tale! With that being said, I did enjoy Whitney Huston being the fairy Godmother, and the music was great!

Let me tell y’all why Cinderella is always a no; things never made sense to me! Cinderella is supposed to be a daddy’s girl, and those two were against the world until he married the evil stepmother with two additional daughters. Then her father passes away, and now Cinderella is stuck with the evil stepmother and sisters.

But why didn’t Cinderella tell her father the truth before he even remarried? Or at least at some point before he died. Also, did daddy dearest not have a will? I know for me, a true daddy’s girl; I cry to him about every little thing, including when my mother pisses me off! I can only imagine if I had a stepmother! So, for that alone, it was a no for me. I don’t mean to victim blame.

Then the Ball, yes, I was glad she had a makeover and could go out to the Ball. She met Prince Charming and danced the night away, til 11:59 at least. She makes a quick exit and leaves the Prince with one glass slipper. My question is, did Prince Charming not see her face, hear her voice, or have any vibe?? Because why did he need to try on the slipper of every young woman? Have we yet to hear about the process of elimination? That would have been my first question!

Then y’all already know, I was not feeling the whole message of being rescued by a man. But my opinion has changed since I’m talking about the Black Cinderella, and as an adult. Being a wife and mother is a career and something to aspire to! I’m all for Black women being rescued or swept away into a life of luxury and comfort.

All in all, Cinderella is one of my least favorite Disney Princesses, regardless of color.

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