Everybody’s​ a Vilain

As much as I like to reflect upon my love life and always see myself as the innocent princess, that overcame heartbreak, but that’s not completely true. 

My college years have definitely been eventful and left a couple of broken-hearted casualties along the way. I remember my freshman year after I accepted the internship with the US Coast Guard, I needed to get in shape ASAP. I ended up getting this guy I always saw working out around campus to help whip me into shape. 

Honestly, I was just being myself and was super surprised when I found out he liked me. Unfortunately, my motto was to just go with the flow, but that’s a terrible mentality when it comes to dating. It wasn’t until maybe two weeks in, I realized I needed to end this “relationship”  because honestly, it was only one-sided.  While I was still living a single lifestyle, he was falling for me deeper. 

Trying not to hurt his feelings, and postpone the breakup only made things worst. So, like a coward one morning I broke up with him over text, and gave the worlds most cliche excuse “it’s not you, it’s me”. We ran to each other at a party the following weekend, and he confronted me asking what can he do to make things better. I don’t really remember the conversation, but I do remember the hurt in his eyes. That moment I knew, I’ll always be the villain in his story.

Honesty, everyone is the villain in someone’s story, we’re all humans and make mistakes. I just try to improve upon myself. If he does happen to ever read this, I am sorry, and was just immature and wasn’t used to male attention. 


  1. I had that thought before too that I am the villian in someone story even if you didnt mean to. Even if it was a long time ago and grew from whatever situation a person will always remember a certain aspect from you and you will be the antagonist until its changed.

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    1. I have played the vilain in several people stories. I know for a fact I was wrong. I have apologize to some and some I haven’t. As much as we like to think we are right in every situation sometimes we are not.

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  2. Sounds like a typical college experience! And it’s ok, college is the time for making mistakes and learning lessons along the way.

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  3. This story reminds me of right before I started dating my husband there was a guy from high school that wanted to date me and I told him I had just gotten out of a relationship and it was a bad ending so I wasn’t on a relationship at the time, which was all true but I didn’t want to date him. I started dating my husband like 2 weeks later and the guy never spoke to me again!

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  4. I agree with this sentiment. I feel like social media, self help books/advice, and many different messages in our society have convinced a lot of us we are ALWAYS the victims. Sometimes we can do wrong too!

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  5. That was an interesting perspective to read. I never considered it before. But it’s true that theres two sides to every story

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