Non-Hijabi Woes

When people see a woman in hijab, they automatically know she is Muslim. There is a level of respect for her and her faith in the Islamic community. I do miss that part of being a hijabi. I feel like being uncovered and a black Muslimah, I constantly prove or verify that I am actually Muslim.

It is annoying when someone feels the need to give me an Islamic pop quiz before returning the salaams. Yes, I did the Islamic pop quiz for my Arab and South Asian brothers and sisters when I was in hijab, which always pissed me off. It seems like now any and everyone feels the need to verify my faith. It is comical when non-muslims try to tell me I am not Muslim because I do not cover. They always have a friend, know of someone, or just base their conclusion on the media. I try not to entertain those conversations, but I am human and enjoy giving a witty response.

What I wear and how I choose to display my modesty is between me and Allah(SWT). Nobody knows what is in my heart, regardless that shouldn’t dictate whether you return the salaams or not. I’ve never proclaimed to be the most pious Muslimah, but at the end of the day, my heart, soul, and who I am is a Muslim Woman!

So cut the shit and return the damn salaams! Nobody has to prove anything to anyone!

5 thoughts on “Non-Hijabi Woes

  1. It’s immature of others to not return the greeting , and honestly weird. It’s sorta similar in the Israelite community as well. If a woman is wearing pants and says “Shalom”, people don’t say shalom back they just stare and wave or start questioning her. Hasn’t happened to me but I’ve had my run ins with not being greeted due to whatever reason. May I ask, why did you reject the veil? And why do you think people not accept you as a muslimah just because you don’t obey the custom or rule of covering or modesty? I hope this isn’t invasive just trying to understand

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    1. Reject is such a harsh word. I decided to no longer to wear hijab because it was no longer in my heart. I went through a phase of discovering faith/religion for myself. Ultimately I decided Islam is the only religion for me, but going back into the hijab still isn’t in my heart. I don’t feel like wearing a hijab is mandatory and I display my modesty in other ways. I do believe not covering my hair is a piece of the equation, but being a black woman is also another large piece as well. Like I stated in the post in full hijab, I would still get the Islam pop quiz from my Arab and South Asian brothers and sisters.


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