Only If…


I have been watching The Powers, and for the first time in a while, I’ve been triggered watching a show, but this time with a twist. Typically when I am triggered, it could lead to a downward depressive spiral, with a bonus of increased anxiety, but this time it just sparked inspiration. All of the pain flashed through my brain! All of the words, unwanted touches, and inappropriate glares washed all over my eyes like it happened yesterday, but it left me feeling pissed and inspired by what an alternative reality could have been,

It is no secret that men can be shitty, and I feel the methods of protecting women on Earth are unsatisfactory. But watching The Powers shows me an alternate reality of evolution that gives women a fighting chance at equality by giving only women powers! It balances the scales because men have used their physical advantages for far too long to abuse women.

I can’t count the numerous times I have been at the mercy of a man’s hands to decide whether I make it home alive. True, sometimes I put myself in those situations. Still, of course, the evil of the male species took advantage and enjoyed my vulnerability.

But imagine a world where only women had superpowers, if the next generation of women didn’t have to look over their shoulders walking down the street. What if the next generation of girls feels safe? It’s crazy the number of anxiety attacks I have by leaving my house without protection. Without my overthinking thoughts, men have told me how my size makes me the perfect victim.

I have many posts about how much I have hated my body and had to learn to love myself, and comments like that did not help the situation. I remember one time in college, hanging out with my crew of friends, and one of my male friends looked at me and said, “You’re the perfect size to be raped” Little did he know the year previous I was. Because even to this day, I still think he is correct, but now I know it was never my fault, and if shit happens again, it won’t be my fault. But it is nice to sit back and imagine myself in The Powers electrocuting every unwanted dick who has assaulted me. Watch every man suffer who tried to make me feel inferior or small. I bet they wouldn’t have been so comfortable putting their hands on me if they knew there would be consequences.

But it is what it is; one thing about women, we always find a way; brains always beats brawns at the end of the day.

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